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Hacking my router settings

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08 Aug 2019

Hello everyone, it’s been 2 years since the last blog post, yea, I’m such a lazy blogger 😛

Many changes have been made to my home’s network recently, my dad took full control of it…

We have 2 TP-Link routers at home:

What my dad has made was:

So he basically took full control of the main router, setting unfair rules for the rest of the family, and not telling anyone about the bandwidth one…

Our ADSL speed is 1 Mbps, which is usually 102kbyte/s when stable, and now with his bandwidth rule, all the rest of the family (3 members) gets 50kbytes/s to fight each other for…

It’s also that the main router is connnected with a battery, so it stays working when the power is out, but the other router (Boost) is not, and so we are left with no internet when the power is out (About 4 hours everyday).

I once had this conversation with him:

Me: Dad, could you please disable the bandwidth control ? the internet is really slow 😔
He replied: There is no bandwidth control!, It's a general issue for the whole building, ask the neighbors.
I replied: No, I know you dad, you have set us to only have half the speed.
He replied: I'm not lying, ask the nighboors 😉
I replied: No you are, please, disable it, at least when you are not here.. 😕
He replied: This is the situation, deal with, it's not changing. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

50kb/s is such a pain, everything is slow, youtube lags even at 144p…

So I decided it’s time to wear my black hat 🕵…

He leaves his laptop at home, and it’s locked with a password which all the family knows, so, when he was out, I openned the laptop, logged in, and got the HA wifi password out 😉


I’m now in, that’s good, I could enjoy having internet when the power is out, but the 50kb/s limit is still there…

I went and started doing some research, I already played with wifislax 3 years ago.

It’s a special linux distro with many wifi tools pre-installed, and ready for hacking, easily installable on a usb stick.

I know there’s kali linux, but it’s 2GB download, and you know, the 50kb/s won’t help, I have wifislax already downloaded, it is a 3 years old copy, but those things still work.

Knowing the router configuration/settings webpage

As most routers, the router settings page is at, and those settings pages, are accessed through http, and you know, it’s not encrypted at all!

Unlike classic routers, this router gives a page with fields for username and password:


I downloaded the page, inspected it’s content, and found the following javascript code for the login button:

function PCSubWin()
	if (isLocked == true)
		return ;
	var auth;
	var password = $("pcPassword").value;
	var userName = $("userName").value;
	auth = "Basic "+Base64Encoding(userName+":"+password);
	document.cookie = "Authorization=" + auth;

It’s just a simple plaintext cookie 🍪 with the username and password base64 encoded (because of UTF-8 characters support).

That should be simple, I only have to sniff the wifi packet containing the cookie.

But no, it turned out it’s not that simple, but still easy, I need to capture the connection handshake so I could decrypt the wifi “frames” (the wifi data being sent in air).

Note: In those pictures I’m displaying myself capturing my own mobile sending a fake password, because the original footage was not screenshotted.

Dad came home at 10:30 PM, and it was the time to do the actual work:

1. Booting Wifislax

I’ve install wifislax into my usbstick, and booted it with CopyToRam option, so it runs faster, and lets me use the usb for storing files.

2. Figuring out the router BSSID and it’s channel

Aircrack-ng is such an awesome wifi hacking suit, it contains all the lovely tools you want.

By executing the following command, I’ll be able to know the router BSSID (MAC) and it’s channel, which I need both for the next steps:

airodump-ng wlan0


(Press Control-C to get back into the prompt)

I’ve highlighted my router entry, but blured all the second halves of the mac addresses, for privacy reasons 😉

3. Killing the network manager

I’ve read in multiple places, and aircrack itself mentions in the terminal, that the network manager and some other services might cause problems with the sniffing proccess, so it’s much better to kill them:

airmon-ng check kill


4. Enabling monitor mode

Thankfully, my wifi adapter, which is TP-Link TL-WN722N_V1, supports monitor mode and packets injection.

I would need the monitor mode inorder to capture all the wifi “frames” flying around, which contain the cookie we want. It could be enabled with airmon-ng:

airmon-ng wlan0 11


11 Is the wifi network channel number.

Otherwise the adapter would ignore any packets not belonging to it.

4. Start the capturing proccess, and find my dad’s mobile MAC address

I’ve mounted the usb stick, and created a folder named captures, to store the the captured wifi frames.

Openned a terminal in that folder, and executed the following command to start the capturing proccess:

airodump-ng mon0 -c 11 --bssid C0:4A:00:XX:XX:XX -w HAC05


That will capture all the wifi frames received by my adapter, and store them into a .cap file, It would also display the list of connected clients, as you see, I’ve highlighted the target device in my case (my dad’s phone).

5. Deauthunticate the target device

Inorder to successfully decrypt the wifi frames into packets, I have to know the wifi password, and to capture the 4 steps handshake.

The device is already connected, so I have to deauthunticate it first (so it handshakes again), inorder to do that, I openned another terminal and executed the following:

aireplay-ng --deauth 10 -a C0:4A:00:XX:XX:XX -c 50:9E:A7:XX:XX:XX mon0

The -a flag specifies the router ESSID, the -c specifies the target device MAC address, --deauth 10 specifies that it’s a dauth attack with 10 packets.


6. Checking if handshake was captured

I’ve closed the second terminal, and returned to the first one to check if the handshake was captured, and yes it was 🙂


7. Making dad open the router settings page

It’s 11:00 PM now, and my dad is asking me to sleep, yea I would usually sleep, but this time I want him to cut the internet (by entering the router settings, and enabling the firewall rule) and force me to sleep,

So I opened youtube on my phone, and started watching some youtube videos, he got angry and cutted the internet, yeah !

8. Shut down the system

Okay now, the cookie has been sniffed, so I terminated the terminal, and shutdown the whole system for the next day,

If you want to continue using it, you could turn off the monitor mode by typing

airmon-ng stop mon0


And start the network manager back from the start menu entry


The next day, I’ve booted into Windows, and pulled the files out of the usb stick.

1. Open the .cap file in wireshark


2. Add in the wifi password

Go Edit -> Perferences


Then Protocols -> IEEE 802.11, press Edit... near the Decyption keys text


Add a new entry, set the type into wpa-pwd, then fill in the wifi password and SSID in the key feed with this format password:ssid


Press Ok on each windows until you return back to the main wireshark window

3. Search for http packets that include cookies

That could be accomplished by using this filter http.cookie && ip.dst ==

Any packet would work, right click it, then go Follow -> Follow TCP Stream



Now take that base64 encoded string and decode it

aGVsbG86ZGVhciByZWFkZXIgIQ== -> hello:dear reader !

Sure this is fake login cookie, I wount share you my router login 😛

Exploring the system

And now I could login and check the bandwidth control which my dad claims to not exist


He has the min speed set to 50% for himself, and the max speed to 100%, While the other router users (the rest of the family) has the min speed set to 12% and the max into 50%….

That was easy fix, just untick the box on the top and save.

I hope my dad forgives me for doing that, I’m disabling the bandwidth control when he is out of home, and re-enabling it when he is back, you know, the main rule in hacking is to leave no trace.

And it would be good for both of us, not harming him, and not harming me.

Thanks for reading !

It took me a whole day to write this, please share me your thoughts at my twitter 😉

And feel free to support this content by donating to my FOSS project, LIKO-12 🧡

P.S: Dad, if you are reading this, please don’t block me out 😰

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